My Support Team

I am very lucky to have a fantastic support network.
Nicola Cooper and support team
Without the amazing support from my father none of this would be possible. He, along with my husband and daughter play a huge part in my success and I'm very grateful for their continuous support.


Rosie Lewis
Rosie is my Head Groom and she has worked for me since 2005.
Rosie previously studied and worked at Hartpury College obtaining BHS Stage 3.
She has her own horses and enjoys competing in Show Jumping and Dressage. In her spare time, Rosie loves socialising with her friends, trying to win the pub quiz and walking her dog, Zeb.

Rachel Spence
Rachel joined the team in 2016.
Rachel enjoys training and riding.
In the rest of her spare time she enjoys DJing.


Carl Hester
Carl is one of the world's leading Dressage riders and trainers. He recently won a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics in the Team Dressage Final. In 2011 Carl won two silver individual medals and one gold team medal at the European Championships.
I've known Carl for 25 years as a good friend and competitor.
He's been training me since 2000.

Veterinary Practice

Buffy Shirley-Beavan (Summerhill Equine Vets)
Buffy's credentials include being vet to the Dubai Polo Team, UK vet to the New Zealand Event Team and the Japanese Event Team at the Sydney Olympics.
Langford Veterinary Services


Kelvin Lymer (Sandpitt Forge)
Kelvin has been a farrier for the British Team at the Olympics, World and European Championships.
See news article below from BBC News with a video of Kelvin in action.

Albion Saddles

I am very lucky to have the support of Richard Belton from Albion Saddle Makers.

Equine Dentist

Toby Lee
Toby has been practising equine dentistry for the last 16 years.
He has passed the BEVA/BVDA exam and is a member of the BAEDT.
Toby treats my horses every six months.
See video below of Toby doing Falcao's teeth.

Equine Therapy

Molly Fursman
Molly Fursman Physiotherapy offers a leading private human and veterinary physiotherapy practice to Somerset and the South West.


Alan Muckle LCSP (Phys)
Alan has been involved in sports medicine and fitness conditioning for over 30 years. After serving 16 years as a Royal Marine Commando Physical Training Instructor. On leaving the Corps Alan studied at Bristol University. For the next 7 years Alan worked as a professional rugby coach for the English Rugby Union. In 1996 Alan moved into the world of sports medicine, he trained in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Remedial Therapy, Osteopathic Mobilisations, Advance Soft Tissue Techniques, Facial Release and as a Movement Re-education Specialist.
Alan has worked with International sportsmen and women from the following sports, rugby, cricket, athletics, horse riding, golf, formula 1, and World Rally drivers.